Thursday, January 2, 2014

this past year


 I found myself, as people often do, ruminating about 2013 and thinking wistfully about 2014. What did 2013 mean for me? What do I want 2014 to bring? Looking through my posts, reading through my journal (so sparse! I need to write more) and remembering brought me this short, but full list.

In 2013 I...
  • got over my fears and agreed to take on a student-teacher
  • became pen-pals with my 5 year-old (now 6!) nephew
  • hiked the ape caves
  • changed schools
  • spent a week at Mt Rainier learning about volcanoes
  • learned the joys and frustrations of commuting by bus

While that seems rather short, I know there was also gardening, jam-making, cooking, baking, berry-picking, book reading, knitting and much more.

So, what do I wish for 2014? A little more of the same, really. I want to continue to write to my nephew. I want to hike. When spring comes I will revive my garden. Summer will bring berries, jam and baking. I want to simplify and de-clutter (that seems an ongoing challenge). I want to continue to knit, and I think my focus this year will be using up scraps from other projects (this helps with simplifying and de-cluttering, so win-win). And through this all I want to see more of my friends.


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