Saturday, January 4, 2014

January goals

My goals for 2014 are pretty simple: go outside, simplify inside, and celebrate the seasons.

I know that, like many, I often start with exciting goals at the beginning of the year, and then after a few months my excitement wanes. I think that keeping my goals simple will let me see how to best accomplish them each month. I plan on tracking my progress in this space, as a way of keeping myself accountable.

In January I hope to:
  • take a walk each week (even when it's cold)
    • 1/18/14 - This one is proving harder than I thought. It's just so gross outside (cold, rainy, air advisories, etc) that I can't bring myself to go for a walk. However, I am doing a lot of walking outside due to the fact that I take the bus. So I'm going to report on that. The first week back I took the bus 4/5 days, the second week 3/5 days. The days I drove were due to early morning meetings. This next week I expect to take the bus 3/4 days.
  • clean out the ottoman
    • 1/4/13 - I now have two bags to donate to Goodwill, and those fancy embroidered pillowcases from Far-Far's are in the laundry so that they will actually be used.
  • finish our Game of Thrones house sigil snowflake project
    • 1/18/14 - We have all of the snowflakes cut except for the Tully one (we're modifying the design). We still need to attach them to the backing pieces and decide how to display them.


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