Friday, April 5, 2013

keep on keeping on

What's New?
This may sound a little silly, but hear me out. I had to go shopping this past weekend for 'work' pants. Pants shopping is usually a multiple-hour ordeal that often leaves me in tears without finding a single pair that fit. So you can imagine my level of excitement over the prospect of looking for new pants.

I wanted some basic, inexpensive Docker-type pants. I'm a science teacher, after all. I'm not about to buy expensive pants that will surely get some chemical or another spilled on them the first day I wear them. Murphy's Law, and all that.

So I went to JCPenny, since I already had some store credit from a return I'd done a million years ago (I hate shopping for clothes, so I pretty much only do it once a year). No Docker-type pants to be found. Bummer.

Then I went to Sears (my other two options were Macy's and Nordstroms), hoping they'd have Docker-type pants. When I walked in I remembered that they have a Lands End section. I went straight to that section, found their Docker-type pants and took them into the fitting room. I'd grabbed two sizes (remember, I only shop once a year, so who knows what size I wear), and tried them on. One of them fit perfectly! No giant waist, no tight thighs. They were also on sale. I couldn't believe my luck! I left the store with two pairs of those pants, happy as a clam, feeling like I won the cosmic pants-shopping lottery.

Currently Reading
  • Truth Like the Sun by Jim Lynch - I read his book The Highest Tide earlier this year and loved it. This one also takes place in Western Washington, although it's a different subject-matter.
  • Second Nature: a Gardener's Education by Michael Pollan

On the Needles
I've made an executive decision to shelve my purple striped sweater for now and start something new. My heart is just not in it right now. I imagine I'll pick it up again in the fall when the weather starts to turn cold again. For now I'll use up some of my scraps to make some hats or something else small while I dream up my next big project.

Looking Forward To
  1. weekend lunch with two dear friends
  2. Spring Break!