Sunday, January 5, 2014

my winter break

I was able to enjoy a little bit of Seattle snow, before it melted away. We had a 2-hour late schedule the last day of school before break, along with an already-planned 1-hour early dismissal. Classes were short, to say the least.

I waited too long to decorate the wreath, so Joe did this one night. I think it suits us. 

On Christmas Eve I decided that we didn't have enough decorations, so I quickly made some simple flags out of scrap fabric and ribbon. Those lights are set on a timer so that during the work-week they come on in the early morning while we are getting ready, and then come on again in the evening while we are home. That little bit of extra light helps, especially in the dark of winter.

Speaking of extra light, I found every excuse to light candles.

And since this strand wasn't being used (it usually goes on the wreath), I found a way to enjoy them.

We, of course, made our traditional gingerbread cut-out cookies. Our cookie cutters are far from traditional, though. This year we also had gingerbread ninjas and superheroes.

And tomorrow I'm back to work!


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