Thursday, January 1, 2015

hello 2015

West Seattle sunset, December 30th 2014

With every new year comes reflection, goal-setting, and intention. It's a natural thing to do, even when those intentions get waylaid throughout the year. My hopes for 2015 are almost identical to my hopes for 2014, which makes perfect sense. It often takes more than a year to work on something personal, especially when it involves changing habits. Here are my hopes and intentions for 2015:

Simplify Inside
  • purge!
  • organize craft supplies
I started this over winter break, and every time I get something out of the house (either to the recycling bin, or to Goodwill) it feels liberating. I have a natural tendency to be a pack-rat, but I find that when I have fewer things I feel better. Freer, almost.

Finish Some Projects
  • fingerless gloves for Joe
  • wallpaper the bookcase done!
  • winter bunting
  • spring/summer photos in the living room frames
  • felt double-point needle cases
I have so many projects around the house in various states of completeness. This year I want to corral them all into one location so I don't lose track of them, and either finish them or donate the supplies.

Go Outside
  • weekly walks with Kristi, even when it's cold
A year ago, I bought a deck of cards called 50 City Walks Seattle with the intention of using them to motivate me to walk and to explore my city. So far they've sat on my shelf unused. I'm challenging myself to use them in 2015 - let's see how many I can do before the year's out.

  • in my journal
  • to my mother, nephew, aunt, etc
I love getting real mail, but of course that doesn't happen much these days. I keep telling myself that instead of sending an email, I'll write a card or a letter. And then I get bogged down and let it slip by. I've bought myself some new notecards in the hopes that it'll help motivate me to write more to those I care about.

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  1. Good hopes and intentions. I love that photo it's really nice and somehow the light or something in it gives you a peaceful feeling.

    Happy new year!

    Lluisa xoxo