Saturday, January 10, 2015

project 52: week 18

What is Project 52? It's a little like Project 365, but instead of the goal of posting a photo each day, I'll post a photo or two each week along with a short update. Really I just need a little push to post something every week. Since I like to keep this space positive, posting every week forces me to look back and find something shiny to talk about (ten points if you get that reference). Some weeks that's a piece of cake. Other weeks it's more of a challenge, and those weeks give this task true meaning.

One of these books is not like the other...
Books gathered from three libraries and a handful of teachers.
What's New?
I survived the first week back from winter break, and what a full week it was!

Monday started with the laptops not working. Tuesday was a fabulous science literacy workshop. Wednesday felt like Monday again, due to being out on Tuesday. Thursday morning included a meeting, along with a frantic rush to pull together a completely new lesson inspired by the Tuesday workshop. And Friday started with a morning meeting as well. On top of all of that, I attempted to grade all 150 notebooks this week. In reality I only got through 3 out of 5 classes, which isn't bad. I also rushed around to two public libraries, along with consulting our school librarian and a few teachers in the building to pull together a respectable book collection for our astronomy preview. It was a full week.

Currently Reading
  • Lasher by Anne Rice
  • On Bicycles by Amy Walker

On the Needles
I did indeed frog my pedestrian cowl and made the Purl Bee's bandana cowl instead. I think it's a better pattern for this particular yarn. I have some leftover yarn and I'm tempted to make another one, but this time I'd like to widen the base and do all the decreases at the top (I was worried it wouldn't fit over my head - I needn't have worried).

Looking Forward To
  1. spending time with Joe


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