Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday walk

Saturday in Seattle was just as Spring-like as Friday, so Joe and I headed out for an early afternoon walk down to City People's.

On our walk I saw and heard many birds, but couldn't manage to get one to stay still for long enough to take a picture, until I came across this crow. Ever since reading Lyanda Lynn Haupt's Crow Planet, I've looked at crows in a different light. I've always been fascinated with their shiny plumage, amazing intelligence, and prominence in myths (particularly Huginn and Muninn, since I often see crows in pairs). But now I think of them more as members of my community.

While looking for birds to photograph, Joe pointed out to me how the sunlight catches on the fuzzy parts of this tree's branches, causing it to look like it glows.

Happy weekend everyone.


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