Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hot Rice Bags

Awhile back I came across this post by Lyanda Lynn Haupt on her blog, The Tangled Nest. In her post, she shares instructions for making a simple sewn rice bag.

I have two rice bags, although they aren't as cute as the one in her post. Mine are made from re-purposed hand towels. They don't have covers, yet. One of my next sewing projects is going to be making fleece or flannel (I haven't decided yet) slip on covers using her tutorial.

I'm posting about this because every night I find myself saying to my husband, "I need to heat up my rice." Each time I say that I smile at how ridiculous it must sound. While we've had a very mild winter here in the Pacific Northwest, it's still nice to be able to turn the heat down, saving money and feeling more environmentally conscious. With an extra blanket or two, and a hot rice bag (mine takes exactly 4 minutes in the microwave to reach optimal temperature) I can sleep cozily without having the heat on all night.

Does anyone else use a rice bag to stay cozy in the winter?


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