Sunday, February 14, 2010

Painting - Part 1

Joe and I acquired four large canvases at our old apartment by chance. A neighbor, whom we did not know, was throwing them away, because of some minor defects (all fixable). Being the hippies that we are, we just couldn't see them go to waste. So we held on to them. For months. When we moved in December I made Joe a deal: we would transport the canvases to the new apartment, as long as they actually turned into art. So Joe and I started planning, and we now have plans for three of the four canvases.

We started painting the big one. Joe had already designed the picture on his computer, transferred it to the canvas (a complicated process that I will not go into right now), so all that was left was the paint.

The picture is a combination of the Eye of Jupiter (from Battlestar Galactica), and the zodiac signs. In the BSG series, the Eye of Jupiter is a star that goes supernova. The image appears as a painting, and then as a mandala carved into a pillar, before the star actually explodes. Joe and I have been drawn to the image, so it seemed fitting.

We'll do at least one more coat on the Eye, and then move on to the zodiac signs.

In our new apartment there is large blank wall that will be perfect for our first painting.

Along with making donuts, and taking the car to Toyota to get the accelerator pedal fixed (my poor car has been part of two recalls!), we worked on this painting on Valentine's Day. A perfect way to spend the holiday, if you ask me.


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