Saturday, February 6, 2010

Magnuson Park

Friday I arrived home from work at 4pm, about an hour earlier than usual. It felt like Spring outside - sunny and warm - so Joe and I decided to take a walk. We live next door to Magnuson Park in Northeastern Seattle. We've only been to the park twice before, so we headed out to explore some more. This time we checked out the human-made ponds, a childrens' garden, and the P-Patch community garden. Along the way we saw some amazing things.

We saw a beautiful blue sky.

We saw mirrors made of still water, perfectly reflecting the sky above.

We saw a man walking his golden retriever.

We saw Canada Geese.

We saw a mosaic on the path.

It looked like a maritime compass.

We saw a whale sculpture built into a little hill.

This is his eye.

And this is his tail.

We saw a little altar at the top of a spiral mound.

We saw an amphitheater.

It was a beautiful walk.


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