Monday, February 1, 2010

cat napping 101

Like most housecats, my kitties prefer to nap on our laps. Sometimes they choose ridiculous positions that can only be comfortable for felines.

When there's not a good human lap around, they prefer to snooze on the couch. They will sometimes even share a couch.

Sometimes one of them will hide. That way they can pretend they are not sharing.

And then there are the rare (although becoming less rare, I have to admit) times that they both try to invade our laps, at the same time. That's always slightly terrifying to watch, because sometimes it ends with hisses and punches. And that's not something you want a front row seat for.

Now, isn't that adorable?


  1. Completely adorable. Your cats are darling!

  2. why are pictures of me always from when I'm wearing scrubby clothes?