Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yesterday, while driving home, I heard a story on NPR that really caught my attention. I always listen to NPR (or PRI, or BBC World News, or whatever is on KUOW when I'm in the car), but I don't always really listen. Sometimes my focus drifts in and out as I become more or less interested in the particular story or news item. Yesterday my focus was yanked back into attention when I realized the story was about knitting.

The story I'm talking about deals with a project called Reknit. A simple equation explains how Reknit works:

your old sweater + $30 = new knitted thing

Each month she makes something different. One month it was scarves. This month it's fingerless gloves. Very cool idea. Here's a link to the story.

I am a bit concerned with the money part of the deal. I mean, $30 to unravel and then knit something new is not even close to minimum wage. It's a shame not only that (a) people do not value re-purposing enough to pay the true cost and (b) it's often cheaper to just buy something new. Even still, I think it's a very neat idea.

What is your take on the Reknit project?


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