Saturday, April 25, 2015

project 52: week 33

What is Project 52? It's a little like Project 365, but instead of the goal of posting a photo each day, I'll post a photo or two each week along with a short update. Really I just need a little push to post something every week. Since I like to keep this space positive, posting every week forces me to look back and find something shiny to talk about (ten points if you get that reference). Some weeks that's a piece of cake. Other weeks it's more of a challenge, and those weeks give this task true meaning.

Took my students to Green Lake for some bird watching to celebrate Earth Day.
The cat has discovered that she can reach the top shelf.
What's New?
The kids have spring fever, and apparently so do I. All I seem to be able to think about lately is sunshine, berries, and fossils. At this point there are only 35 more days of school. We have big things to accomplish (science fair!) but that doesn't seem to bother me as much as I think it should. I think that part of my relaxed attitude stems from the fact that this year I don't have to pack up my classroom to move. I've moved rooms three years in a row, consolidating and downsizing each time, and this year I get to stay. Of course next year I'll pack up again, as we move into our brand new building, but I think that move will be full of excitement which will hopefully overshadow the stress that always accompanies moves.

Currently Reading
  • A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness
  • Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

On the Needles
I've worked on my newest honey cowl on and off a bit this week. Tomorrow is a knitting meetup, and I've yet to decide what I'm bringing. Possibly the honey cowl, but maybe my hue shift afghan. We'll see.

Looking Forward To
  1. a former coworker's book launch


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