Wednesday, August 18, 2010

a home for Rosie

Rosie needs a new home. In case you don't know Rosie, he's (yes, Rosie is a he) a 12-lb furry bundle of love.

While we love him to pieces, we have to split up our cats. Tiger has been having seizures when she gets over-excited and really needs to be the only cat in the house.

Rosie needs a healthy cat or dog to play with. He'd also do fine as the only pet, as long as he gets enough love and attention from his humans.

The pros and cons of adopting Rosie

Pros: extremely loving
-lets you carry him like a baby
-lets you pet him any which way you want
-will demand love and attention
-loves to sit on laps
-extremely cute

Cons: loves human food
-will get onto counters and into the sink in search of food
-will lick plates and stick his head/paws into glasses
-yodels randomly

If you, or someone you know, is interested in adopting Rosie, please contact us. My email is elizabeth dot n dot stone at gmail dot com, or you can leave a comment on this post.


  1. Awww, not RosieRose! I'm sorry your cats won't get along (and give Tiger seizures). I'd love to take Rosie, but Trev has pretty clearly put his foot down about a two-cat limit. I'll try to work on him later tonight, but I suspect he's going to hold his ground on this one. I posted this blog entry to my FB wall, though, so hopefully someone will be able to take him into a good home. *HUGS*

  2. Hey Beth,
    I'm technically supposed to be a one-cat household, and in all honesty that would probably be wisest, but if it comes down to it we could see how he gets along with Ramona. I have plenty of random yodeling already, what's a little more?
    Major bummer, but I think we can find him a great home somehow, with plenty of visitation rights for you!

  3. I'll take him too B, you can't let Rosie out of the family, what about back at your folks with chris who originally brought him home? I can take him, Kenny is healing nicely and maybe it will help him. Of the two, your keeping tiger lily, she is so mean! Lol. JK. I understand, if you need someone B, we can take him. If you don't want to ship to VA, I am sure my folks would take him too. Let me know. I am so sorry for Rosie boy and you, I know thats not an easy choice!