Tuesday, June 24, 2014

summer, so far

Summer has just begun - both in the astronomical sense, and in the school-year sense. Sometimes school doesn't get out until after the solstice, but this year we ended on the 19th, just in time. Of course this year saw me packing up my room, the science supply room, and helping my coworker pack up her room - and it all had to be finished before the 21st. We're moving to a new building and our former building is getting retrofitted and remodeled. Busy times.

So far, this summer (all four days of it) I've managed to...
:: begin a knitting project
:: make a batch of sun tea, which I am enjoying mixed with lemonade
:: eat the first ripe grape tomato from my garden
:: clean out and organize our storage, which was becoming a frightening place
:: finish my book (The Passion of Mary Magdalen by Elizabeth Cunningham)
:: organize and put away the few boxes of things I brought home from my classroom
:: get together with friends to watch the final Game of Thrones episode
:: get sucked in to a new show, Orphan Black, with Joe

Sometimes I worry that I'll "waste" my short summer break. I worry that I'll look back on my summer, and wonder what happened. Autumn comes quicker than I'd like, and even though it's my favorite season, it's often full of work-related stress and busyness. 

So here's to squeezing every drop of summer goodness before work starts up again. 


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