Friday, June 20, 2014

checking in: go outside

We're halfway through 2014, and I need to check in on the goals I set for myself. I decided I wanted to work on three things this year: go outside, simplify inside, and celebrate the seasons. I intended to set mini-goals and check in monthly. For January, February, March and April that system worked pretty well, but once May hit it all fell apart. As a public school teacher, this makes complete sense. May is when state testing, science fair, modified schedules (thanks to state testing), evaluations, and general spring fever hit all at the same time. It's like tax season for accountants.

So, in the interest of personal accountability, I need to check in with myself. Here we go...

I walked to and from the bus stop in January, went with my school's ski bus as a chaperone in February, and in late March I started a somewhat weekly walking ritual with my friend Kristi. We have plans to continue our weekly walks this summer, possibly even twice a week.

I struggled with getting outside in the winter, and in retrospect I probably should have started this change in spring or summer. Starting in winter was just silly. Who wants to go outside when it's pouring rain, chilly, and gray? Maybe it's okay to spend much more time outside in the short span of time when the weather is beautiful (here in Seattle that's roughly June through September) and focus on other ways of keeping my body healthy during the gray months.


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