Saturday, February 1, 2014

February goals

My goals for 2014 are pretty simple: go outside, simplify inside, and celebrate the seasons.

In January I wanted to take a walk each week, clean out the ottoman, and finish our snowflake project. 

I was able to clean out the ottoman the first week, and Joe and I together finished cutting and gluing the snowflake project. We still need to buy some inexpensive frames for the snowflakes.

I was not able to get myself outside for walks - our weather this past month was just terrible. I decided to keep track of the number of days I took the bus instead. When I take the bus I walk much more than when I drive my car, so I think it makes sense. Out of 18 work days, I rode the bus 11 days. Not bad considering all of the before and after school meetings and other commitments

In February I hope to:
  • reacquaint myself with yoga (an inside activity, but activity nonetheless)
    • The "go outside and get off your bottom" part of my goals has been very hard for me thus far. I did not do yoga at all in February. However, I did chaperone ski bus twice. I haven't gone skiing in 4 years, so I consider that a huge accomplishment.
  • clean off the top of both dressers
    • This didn't happen. Instead, we cleaned out both of the closets. I had originally thought to leave the closets for a later date, since they have been so overwhelming, but my husband wanted to clean them out so I said yes. I figure it's best to go along when your other half has the urge to clean. And now that they are done, I feel like a weight has been lifted. We now have organized shelves in both closets, and many bags of items to donate. I found a few things I've been looking for, and many things that I haven't seen or thought about in years. Why hold on to all of that?
  • finish Mason's long-overdue quilt
    • Complete! I made an embroidered label and shipped this to Virginia.


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