Friday, September 20, 2013

autumn 2013

In the spirit of this post, I've made a list of things I hope to do during the upcoming season.

* finish Mason's quilt - 10/12/13 making progress
* finish Leaflet sweater
* make wax leaves
* make a winter car kit
* make a winter storm kit for the house
* make applesauce

* visit a pumpkin patch
* pick apples
* plant garlic
* prep my garden for winter
* bonfire at the beach with s'mores - 10/12/13
* go on a hike in the Cascades

* pumpkin soup - 10/18/13
* butternut squash soup - 10/05/13
* pumpkin spice latte
* chili & cornbread

Some of these will be harder to accomplish than others. I will most definitely make and eat soup this autumn, and I've already started some of these projects (winter kits, quilt, sweater). Eating s'mores at the beach requires some pre-planning, not to mention a rain free evening combined with an available fire pit. Joe and I almost always visit a pumpkin patch and go north to pick apples, so those shouldn't be a problem. The wax leaves is a new project I saw here.

Some past autumn posts:


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