Wednesday, November 11, 2009

watching the sun rise

I am a teacher. I live a hectic life. I often go to work in the dark, and come home in the dark. After the clock shift I have been getting to work in the early morning light, and so I began to notice the sunrise every morning. Depending on the day, sometimes I am still at home, and sometimes I am in the car. The first time it happened I was at home, and I felt so overjoyed that I ran to get the camera. I wasn't going to share those pictures online because, after all, who hasn't seen a beautiful sunrise? But some recent events have caused me to slow down a little, and appreciate the little moments of joy in my day. So I am sharing moments that brought joy to my heart, in the hopes that they bring joy to yours.

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  1. Hopping from blog to blog,( supposedly looking for knitters' blogs ) I arrived here and I saw you are from Seattle, and I thought I wanted to see a lot of your area. So I started from the beginning, I learnt what a crock pot is, and a mason jar and a waterbath canner ( though not through the help of a dictionary, but by going to ! )and I'm very happy with my new knowledge, ( how long will I remember remains to see ) .

    and I so love your photograph of the sunrise ( the most flamboyant one actually ). I can't recall ever seeing such beautiful colours.

    I'm a teacher in France, ( of English, eventhough I didn't know what a crockpot is ... we are having a day off today for the end of WWII and you've made my day)
    Now, I'll resume my discovery of your blog, I've just seen the recipe for halloween cookies, and I would make som if I hadn't just made scones and a drizzle cake ( found in my regular visits to attic24, a lovely yorkshire lady who does a lot of colourful crochetting )
    I don't often post comments, but you'll know that now I've found your blog, I'll be visiting regularly .
    so Hi from a quite cold place today in the South of France