Friday, July 26, 2013

soaking up summer

What's New?
Last week was been a flurry of activity all relating to my new job. I resigned from my old job. I attended a 3-hour orientation for my new job that was more geared towards brand-new teachers than transfers (read: boring). I have about a million papers to fill out, sign, and return. This week I packed up my old classroom and moved into my new classroom. I had wonderful people who helped me pack up and move my things to the new school. Afterwards we celebrated at happy hour with the whole science department at what is now my old school. I will miss those people fiercely. 

While that's quite a lot on my plate, I am extremely excited about this new opportunity. I'm even excited about having to take mass transit to work (the car commute is terrible). Did you hear that? I'm excited about taking the bus! I guess I'm just excited all around. These are all good things.

Yesterday I finally made it down to Alki for a 4 mile walk. I live up a steep hill from the beach, so the return trip can be brutal for an out-of-shape person like me. Fortunately I remembered that there is a free shuttle from the water taxi that runs near my house. Problem solved.

Currently Reading
  • Scatter, Adapt, Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction by Annalee Newitz (apparently this isn't the summer for light reads)
  • I just finished The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, and I haven't cried that much over a book since The Book Thief

On the Needles
I started some dishcloths, trying to use up my leftover cotton yarn. I have a book with 16 different dishcloth patterns. I chose an easy one to knit while distracted by the US version of Being Human. I love that show!

Looking Forward To:
  1. rollerskating
  2. spending a week on Mt. Rainier learning about volcanoes


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