Saturday, November 20, 2010

a home for Rosie - update

Remember back in August when we decided we needed to separate our kitties? My wonderful family decided to welcome Rosie back into their home. This takes a huge amount of stress out of our lives. While this means that Rosie will be very far away (on the other side of the country), we know that he will have a wonderful home full of loving people and curious animals.

In order to get Rosie across the country, Joe and I will be taking him along with us (on the plane) on our trip to visit family for winter break. I'm sure it will be an entertaining trip - lugging a crying kitty through the airport, onto and off of planes (we have a layover, unfortunately), all while dealing with the usual traveling stresses. I hope to document the trip in photos so I can blog about it when I get back.

I am going to miss that face.

1 comment:

  1. Good news is he wont be far and every time you come to visit your folks you will see him. =) I can't wait to see him again too oh and you and Joe! I just realised I havent seen Joe since your handfasting ceremony.