Saturday, October 23, 2010

sandwich rolls

I am in love with these honey wheat sandwich rolls.

I made the dough in my bread machine (cheating, I know, but a necessary short-cut for a busy teacher), and baked them up on a Sunday so my hubby and I would have sandwich bread for the week.

I've been trying to bake my own bread for sandwiches for some time. I've found some great recipes (my favorite so far is SouleMama's WHO bread). But when it comes to slicing the bread it just doesn't work well for sandwiches.

I actually made this recipe twice before I was really happy with it. The first time I used a washed tuna can to cut the dough. The rolls that baked up from that batch were just too small for sandwiches. I searched and searched my kitchen for something that would make a better size and then realized that I could just cut the dough into rough rectangles. It worked perfectly.

I hope to get into a routine of making these rolls on the weekend for the coming week's sandwiches.

How do you slice homemade bread for sandwiches?


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