Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Meeting New Family

One week from now I will board a plane for Virginia, where the rest of my family lives. I often go to Virginia during my teaching breaks, staying with my parents and visiting with my brother, nephew, and my recently-back-from-deployment cousin. Sometimes I squeeze in a trip to visit one of my great-aunts, or my mom's cousins.

I'm not from Virginia, though. I was born and raised in central California. When I was in my 3rd year of college, my parents decided to pack up and move across the country to Fredericksburg, Virginia. After finishing college in Washington State I decided to stay. That is how I come to live in Seattle, while my parents are very near the other Washington.

What makes this trip to Virginia different is the addition of not one, but two family members. My recently-back-from-deployment cousin is newly married, and I will get to meet her husband while I'm visiting. My brother is recently engaged, and I will get to meet his fiancee. In an effort at getting to know both of them during my less than a week stay, I have been compiling a list of essential questions. Here is a sampling:

What are your views on womens' rights?

Do you believe in evolution?

Who is your favorite Firefly character?

You get the picture. I can't publish all of my questions, for security reasons. I don't want them studying up now, do I? I want honest, in the moment answers.

Don't worry, there will be a full report when I get back.


  1. ease them into it with the Firefly questions. Don't bring out the big guns of religion and feminism straight off. :)

    Also, what's your plan if you despise the answer?

  2. Haha, good point about the question order. I shall revise.

    Not sure what I'll do if I despise the answer. The purpose is to get to know them quickly, which is why I had to include the big guns.

  3. You mean I can't prepare written responses? Ok, bring it on!