Saturday, October 11, 2014

project 52: week 5

What is Project 52? It's a little like Project 365, but instead of the goal of posting a photo each day, I'll post a photo or two each week along with a short update. Really I just need a little push to post something every week. Since I like to keep this space positive, posting every week forces me to look back and find something shiny to talk about (ten points if you get that reference). Some weeks that's a piece of cake. Other weeks it's more of a challenge, and those weeks give this task true meaning.

Sunshine & kitties
What's New?
Well, I didn't make it to the Northwest Tea Festival. But I did find time to read this article about tea & science. My favorite part:
As an aside, having been to America and sampling the weak tea made there, it must be stressed that the teabag should either be in a pot or the mug itself; it is not sufficient just for it to be in the same room.
It's all about whether or not you should add milk first, or last. According to the article, not adding milk is not an option.

I'm heading into the Olympic Peninsula next week for outdoor school with my 8th graders, and I've already packed many bags of tea. It's going to be rainy and cold, for sure, as autumn has finally arrived to Western Washington. So this weekend I'm heading to Goodwill to see what kind of warm clothing I can find for cheap.

Currently Reading
I finished The Midwife's Tale and The Origin of Satan late last week, and I've been spending most of my reading time in The Fifth Sacred Thing. I imagine that next week while I'm in the woods I'll lean more towards Rare Encounters with Ordinary Birds.

  • The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk
  • Rare Encounters with Ordinary Birds by Lyanda Lynn Haupt

On the Needles
I finished my legwarmers! Last night they came off the needles. I still need to weave in ends before I pack them in my bag for this week's outdoor adventure. They fit perfectly from my ankles to my knees, so I anticipate having warm legs (at least the lower portion).

Looking Forward To
  1. spending time outdoors next week with 3 awesome teachers and a whole bunch of 8th graders
  2. coming home to my warm comfy bed at the end of the above-mentioned adventure


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