Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baby Knits in Progress

What used to be an ever-elongating rectangle is now starting to take shape.

I'd still say I'm about half-way done, but at this point I can finally see what it will become.

This odd-shaped bit of yarn will eventually become a hooded sleep sack (or carrying bag, as Debbie Bliss calls it).

I'm thinking of lining it with some baby flannel, since it's not too thick. I picked some up at the store the other day, just in case.

What is currently on your knitting needles?


  1. Carrying bag? 'Yeah, just throw your baby into this here bag!'

    I looked online and unfortunately the duffel coat is only up to 12 months, so I'll have to find another pattern for the Grace-face. However, I still would like the pattern for the Grace-face sibling :)

  2. I had a thought about the duffel coat. If you found thick yarn that you liked, and used bigger needles, you could make it the correct size. Would just take some initial math-work, but I think it's doable.