Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dinosaur PJ Pants!

After I finished the first pair of flannel pj pants for my nephew Daniel, my mother smartly suggested that I send the pants to Virginia before I make any more -- to make sure they fit. Smart lady, my mom. I heard back from my mom yesterday and found out two things:

(1) the pants fit well, except for the waist
(2) my nephew really liked the pattern -- he kept pointing to the lizards

Lucky for me, my mother is not only very smart, but she's great at sewing. When I was a kid she made me pjs and dresses. So she's going to make adjustments on the first pair, while I made the changes for the second pair. And here they are...

From sewing projects

From sewing projects

From sewing projects

I hope to get some pictures of Daniel wearing these pants soon. When I do I'll post them so you all can see how adorable he is.

I have one more pair to make. The third pair is going to be made from flame retardant fabric. When I was at the fabric store last week I bought some flame retardant fabric as well as non-flame retardant fabric. I wasn't sure what the deal was, so I thought I'd get some just to be safe. Turns out it really wasn't necessary and I wish I hadn't spent the extra money. The flame retardant fabric is about $10 more per yard than the regular flannel. But since I already bought it, I might as well turn it into something useful.


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