Saturday, September 26, 2015

hello Autumn

I started this post three weeks ago. And then we went on strike. This has been one of the strangest Septembers I've ever experienced. Here it is, the last full week of September, and it's barely the first full week of school. My brain has had a hard time with that dissonance. So mostly to help myself, here's a photo update.

My CSA box continues to arrive weekly, filled to the brim with more vegetables than I know what to do with. I enjoy the challenge, and enjoy learning about new veggies. Last week was "what do I do with a huge head of cabbage?"

Our new school under construction. September marks the beginning of our last year in our temporary building. This time next year we'll be teaching in a brand new facility!

This huge shawl is finally washed and blocked, just in time for the change in the weather.

Unfortunately, instead of starting school on time we found ourselves picketing. My district, by far the largest in the state, went on strike for the first time in 30 years. Our school community is incredibly supportive, which makes all the difference as we pace back-and-forth, often clocking over 10 miles worth of steps each day.

This year I've committed myself to riding the bus to work more often, so that when I find myself sitting in traffic I can read, or knit, or daydream instead of grit my teeth. So far I've met my goal of taking the bus three times a week.

Kristi and I made it out to our favorite sunset spot a couple weeks ago just in time to see this gorgeous view. I can't imagine living away from the coast (this is technically the Sound).

In the midst of our strike, some of our parents and students installed this banner in the middle of the night. It lifted all of our spirits to be reminded that we have such a supportive community. So supportive, that when they realized other school communities in poorer neighborhoods were not able to give as much, they decided to partner up with one of those schools and help out.

 I volunteered as a picket captain during the strike, and my amazing coworkers gave me these beautiful flowers as a thank-you gift.


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