Friday, May 28, 2010

Baby Sweater

The month of May sure went by quickly. Even so, I've been busy.

My tea leaves sweater is almost finished. I ran out of yarn, and couldn't make it to the yarn store until last weekend. I plan to finish the sweater this weekend, since I have four days off. Here's a sneak peak:

Since I couldn't work on the tea leaves, I decided to start a sweater for my cousin Valerie's baby. I used the boat neck sweater pattern from Debbie Bliss. I decided to use a cotton/acrylic blend called Baby's First because it has easy care instructions (can go in both the washer and dryer). That, and it's super soft. And green. A lovely green called "beanstalk."

I had to adjust the pattern a bit, since the yarn I chose was bulky weight. I ended up using a size 9 needle for the majority of the pattern (and a 7 needle for the wrist and waist rows). I cast on three stitches short of what was called for the 0-3 month size, which ended up giving me the same measurements as the 3-6 month size. Since this baby will be born in November, s/he'll have a February-May sweater. Of course I realize that the sizes are completely arbitrary. Baby could be smaller than that, or bigger than that. No matter. Cute is cute.

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  1. AWW I LOVE IT! Mike says its really cute too!!!! =) Aww B I love you so much, I can't wait to see you. The sweater matches the little blanket Gia made. I am so excited, its so wonderful that every one is excited and happy. It makes it that much better.